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Entrepreneurs of the New Namangan district are also actively participating in the regional inter-sectoral industry fair

Namangan village” mature descendant” sport is a long-term, leather, Ozik-gifted and upholstery industrial sport. Unda 190 repair and territorial plant, Shundan, Namangan province 150 ta enterprise 1000 turdan ortik bilan products, Bashkka province esa 25 to take part in this event.

A regional inter-industry fair specializing in textile, leather-footwear, food and furniture manufacturing has started working in the “perfect generation” sports complex in Namangan. It is attended by 190 network and regional enterprises, of which 150 enterprises from Namangan region with more than 1000 types of products, and 25 entrepreneurs from other regions.

Industrial products can be seen at the fair, as well as products from the fields of Electrical Engineering, light industry, building materials, automotive and pharmaceutical. The new Namangan district entrepreneurs products are also of great interest to the participants.